If Your Man Has Brown Eyes, There’s Something You Should Know

ben flajnikLike staring into the warm brown eyes of your lover? Enjoy a man with rich, chocolaty peepers, do you? Think those blue-eyed guys are losers? Well, hate to break it to you, but you've got it all wrong. Guys with brown eyes have been deceiving us for years, says science, and it's time we take back the power.


A study conducted in the Czech Republic found that women perceived men with brown eyes to be more trustworthy than their light-eyed counterparts. They argue that there's something inherently more baby-faced about men with brown eyes (they generally have bigger mouths, broader chins, bigger noses, and more prominent eyebrows than blue-eyed guys), which makes them appear younger, which makes them seem cheerful, which makes them seem like good guys to whom you can open up.

Don't be fooled -- it's all just an illusion. They're not more trustworthy than light-eyed guys, they just seem like they are. It's a lie.

I mean, Bachelor Ben Flajnik has brown eyes and so does Bachelor Jason Mesnick, and we all know how those guys turned out -- one fell for the black widow and one epically changed his mind. Everyone thought they were so sweet and so genuine. Nope.

So be warned, ladies -- you might be under an evolutionary spell when you fall for a man with brown eyes. To find out if he's as trustworthy as his eye color conveys, a simple background check will do.

If you don't have access to police records, then, well, you're just going to have to see how the relationship pans out like all those other girls who date blue-eyed dudes.

Do you prefer men with brown eyes?


Photo via abc.com

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