Rock Star Groom Gives the Most Unforgettable Wedding Speech You've Ever Seen (VIDEO)

tom fletcher mcfly wedding speechPeople fear public speaking more than death, but they probably fear wedding speeches even more. As a maid of honor for my best friend's wedding, I definitely sweat bullets over what I was going to say in front of the room full of guests. And that was even after years of participating in high school speech team and theater! I can't imagine what it must be like for people who've never really had much practice speaking. But I guess you stick to your strengths. And for Tom Fletcher, rocker of the British band McFly, that meant singing instead of speaking.

Believe it or not, the famous singer-songwriter, who married his girlfriend Giovanna Falcone last May, claimed he was terribly nervous about the speech -- writing it, giving it, the whole balla wax. Aww. He then launched into a 15-minute wedding speech song that was ... you gotta see it for yourself.


Ahhhh! Awww! Tears! How amazing was that? You gotta hand it to the guy ... Tom definitely took what could have been a cringe-worthy moment and made it something his family and friends will never forget. He probably didn't even necessarily think that what he did would go viral ... He was just doing what made him comfortable. And that's probably the biggest takeaway from this. When it comes to a wedding speech, don't try to be someone you're not, cuz that'll just be painful for you and everyone else. Instead, go with what you know, be it comedy, drama, or -- as in Tom's case -- song. 

What do you think of this groom's speech song?


Image via Tom Fletcher/YouTube

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