15 Annoying Questions Husbands Can’t Stop Asking Their Wives

confused manLet me just preface this post by saying that I have the greatest husband -- most of the time. But even a really wonderful man can drive his woman nuts every once in awhile. For example, why do they always ask questions they should darn well know the answer to. I know I'm not alone here, ladies. So I took a quick and very informal poll of women in relationships and they revealed all of the really annoying things their guys continually ask. So take a look at the 15 questions women wish men would just stop asking!

  1. Where do we keep the toilet paper? -- Same place it's been stored since we moved into this house five years ago!
  2. Do we have any snacks? -- I don't know. Why don't you open the cupboard and look!
  3. Do I have any deodorant? -- Hmm. How will we solve this mystery? I know, try checking your bathroom cabinet.
  4. Do we have any milk? -- Open. The. Fridge. And. Look!!!!
  5. Where's the mail? -- In that mailbox you walked by right before you stepped inside.
  6. Do you need help with the dishes? -- Next time ask before you see me put the last plate away.
  7. Are you watching that? -- Of course not. I am just sitting here staring at the screen for no apparent reason.
  8. Where is my hat? -- Wherever you left it when you took it off.
  9. Do you mind if I watch the games? -- Hmmm. Is that plural, meaning more than one? Ugh.
  10. You gonna wear that? -- Why go there?
  11. Is it that time of the month? -- If you mean the time of the month that you are annoying, then yes.
  12. Can you change his diaper? I did the last one! -- Oh yeah, and I did the last 50 before that.
  13. Do we really have to go? -- Yes.
  14. If you died, you'd want me to remarry, wouldn't you? -- Sure, as long as she's older and fatter than me.
  15. Why are you so annoyed? -- See any of the above!

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What other questions do you wish your man would stop asking?


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