15 Amazing Things About Marrying Your Childhood Sweetheart

childhood sweethearts

When I tell people I met my husband at age 14, I get one of two responses. Some people think it's sweet. Others can't believe I married a guy I've known since I was a kid.


I don't consider us true childhood sweethearts, but we have at least some of the advantages. The longer we're together (we just passed our 12-year wedding anniversary), the more I get the lure of staying with someone you've known since diaper days for the rest of your life. So on behalf of all the childhood sweethearts who are sick and tired of hearing that their marriages aren't made to last, we've asked couples why they think it rocks being hitched to their childhood love.

1. They don't just get your old jokes; they made up half of them.

2. You know they don't have a double life with a secret wife hiding somewhere.

3. When old friends visit, you don't have to spend half the time explaining every single, darn reference.

4. You survived puberty together ... you can survive ANYTHING!

5. They know -- and get -- why your family is so weird, and they can back you right up when they start driving you crazy.

6. You know so much about how they were raised that you can anticipate any of those "how to raise the kids" arguments before they happen.

7. You never have to explain that tattoo.

8. You never had that awkward "meet the family" moment.

9. You have history to fall back on when the going gets tough.

10. There's no deciding if they're trustworthy; you've always known.

11. They know your weaknesses.

12. They know your strengths.

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13. You have tons of blackmail material.

14. You don't have to figure out who you are with them -- you're just the same old you you've always been.

15. Holidays are easier when both families are in the same town.

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