Want to Have Better Sex? Get an IUD!

Better sex? Try an iUD! When I decided to get a Paraguard, aka the copper IUD, I heard a lot of horror stories, all of which made me a little worried that it would affect my sex life in a not so great way.

People told me that I'd basically have my period all month long for the first few months. And that my husband would feel that little string hanging down inside me.

But contrary to what seems to be popular belief, I love love LOVE my IUD, and I think it's made my sex life better, not worse. Here's why:


First of all, aside from a bit of spotting and a heavy flow on the first day (sorry, TMI!), I did NOT have my period the whole entire month. So plenty of time to have sex, even though sex during my period doesn't really bother me.

And for the record, my husband didn't feel the little string, which doesn't have anything to do with his penis size (sorry, TMI again!) but rather that the nurse practitioner told me to wait a good 5-7 days so the string curves back up to my cervix. And she said not to say anything about the string, because then OF COURSE they'll totally feel it.

But here's the good part: since having the Paraguard put in, my hormones have been so much better, which has made me much more pleasant overall. I can't say if it's completely related to the IUD or to my new low-carb diet plan, but either way, it's made sex more frequent.

I realize that the Paraguard doesn't have hormones like some other IUDs, but something has definitely changed. My ovulation and PMS symptoms have decreased significantly. No headaches and fewer cramps are both really good for the libido. Rowr.

Most of all, I think the safe sex has made me super comfortable. Even when I was just using condoms, I realize how nervous I was about getting pregnant again.

And yes, while I know that IUDs aren't 100% safe from a "getting knocked up" standpoint, the percentage is high enough for me to let loose again. That generally makes sex way more fun, and not just because you don't have to deal with condoms. 

IUD experiences are different for everyone. But for me, it's made sex better. Totally worth it.

Do you have an IUD? How has it affected your sex life?

Image via You mee/Flickr

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