Guy Pops the Question With Christmas Lights & 10 More Proposals We Loved in 2012 (VIDEO)

christmas lights marriage proposalOn December 21, high school sweethearts Justin Blattel and Meghan Ohrman of O'Fallon, MO got engaged when Justin decided to pop the question with Christmas lights

Justin had been secretly working for three days to cut out the individual letters, attaching two to three strands of lights per letter, and hiding them in his parent’s shed so Meghan wouldn't see them before the big day. He told, “I proposed at her house, and that’s where we started dating seven years ago. ... She’s really into Christmas lights, so I wanted to make it all about her. I thought it would be cool to spell it out.” And instead of using the word 'marry' he cut out an oversized diamond ring, adorned with 10 strands of Christmas lights. How cute is that?!

Happily, the adorable couple's story was not an anomaly. This has been a year full of headline-making marriage proposals. Here, 10 more of our faves ...

  1. The Ultimate Viral Lip-Dub Marriage Proposal. Back in May, this elaborate lip-dub marriage proposal set to Bruno Mars' "Marry You" blew our minds and blew up. It's easy to see why.
  2. Angelina and Brad's Proposal. Oh the proposal -- which technically took place in December 2011 -- wasn't exactly a showstopper, but their engagement on the other hand, oh boy! I mean, who wasn't excited to hear there's (potentially) a wedding in the A-list couple's future?!
  3. The Breathtaking Umbrella Proposal. Courtesy of a wedding proposal planner who made us re-think whether or not guys really could use a hand from a pro from time to time.
  4. The Awkward RNC Proposal. This being an election year and all, it was no surprise that Bradley Thompson, a production manager for the convention and GF of three years, Laura Bowman, who is a production coordinator, popped the Q at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this summer, we cringed, we laughed, we shed a tear and we wished the happy couple well.
  5. The Historic Gay Marine Proposal. When Active duty Marine Corps Capt. Matthew Phelps got down on one knee and proposed to his partner Ben Schock at the White House (!!!), real history was made.
  6. The Incredibly Involved Proposal Aboard USS Intrepid. One you've gotta see to believe.
  7. The Heartwarming Hockey Rink Proposal. When, at an NHL game in March, Christina, an Ottawa Senator's fan, proposed to her girlfriend Alicia, a Toronto Maple Leaf's fan, on center ice during the second intermission, it was lovely to say the least.
  8. The One Direction Proposal. A 24-year-old guy named Brad + the One Direction song "One Thing" + about 90 friends equaled an incredible surprise for his college sweetheart Emily.
  9. JWoww & Roger's High in the Sky Proposal. The Jersey Shore lovebirds revealed that they were literally in the middle of a skydiving session when Roger asked Jenni to be his wife.
  10. The Candid Photograph Proposal(s). After an amateur photographer took shots of a military couple getting engaged, then sought them out online, a Texas-based photographer named Patrick Lu secretly captured another couple's marriage proposal. Both were so completely romantic that they may restore your faith in humanity.

For an extra dose of love, here's the news story on Justin and Meghan ...


What was your favorite marriage proposal of 2012? (As for me, I'd have to say mine was, well, my own!)


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