5 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve When You Are Single

New Year's Eve ranks right up there with the Fourth of July in terms of holidays I hate.

There's nothing wrong with celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of the next - it's just that I've always had lousy New Year's Eves.

When I was married, it was the one day out of the year we'd end up fighting about nothing, until I evoked the rule, "Let's stay home, drink champagne and eat pizza WITHOUT TALKING." That way, we could both avoid the New Year's Brawl.

At first I feared New Year's would be a hell of a lot worse now that I'm single but it doesn't have to be. I've come across some awesome ideas for what to do when you find yourself single on the last day of the year.


1) Get together with your best friends and rent as many crappy chick flicks as you can stand. Order some pizza, drink some champagne, and BAM! Insta-party! Bonus: no one barfs on your shoes.

2) Tag along with your friends who are doing wild and crazy things. If you're no fan of getting intoxicated in public (wise on New Year's Eve), and see how many snaps you can take of your friends doing dump stuff. Be sure to post these on Facebook and tag your friends - they won't notice until the morning.

3) Do a Mullet Hunt. Rather than frequent the trendy bars, grab some of your friends, and head out to the countriest bar you can find. Be sure you all have cameras, and try to photobomb everyone who has a mullet or is dressed completely absurdly.

4) Go out as those absurd people. Find some leather chaps, bejewel a shirt that says, "Stinky Butt" and go hit the town. I guarantee that you'll have a good time in such a get up.

5) Grab a gaggle of friends and each go out dressed as the other. While this will make practically no sense to anyone but you guys, stay in character for the whole night. Just don't be... mean.

Any other ideas for what to do when you're single on New Year's?


Image via -JvL-/Flickr

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