Sex Got Hotter Than Ever in 2012 -- Bring on 2013!

couple kissingSay what you will about this chaotic, re-election/Olympics/natural disasters-packed year, but 2012 was inarguably still a big year for SEX! Tons of men and women experienced what could only be described as sexual awakening thanks to a woman named Erika Leonard (aka E.L. James) and her little series known as Fifty Shades of Grey -- and the sudden popularity of other erotica along the same lines.

But whether or not they have Christian and Ana to thank, many people experienced a sex boom that only ever existed in Cosmo before this year. In fact, a recent survey by Lovehoney (Britain's biggest online sex toy retailer) found 73 percent of people asked thought their sex lives improved this year! Hot! Here, 8 ways we got steamier between the sheets in 2012 ...

  1. We got more experimental. Maybe even just hearing all the buzz about BDSM everywhere you turned was enough to convince some people to explore spicier strategies in the bedroom. Lovehoney says 55 percent of respondents enjoyd more experimentation this year.
  2. We got it on more often. Researchers found that on average women had sex with their S.O.s just once a week before reading Fifty Shades, but that number leapt to three times a week once they finished the erotic book, according to a study from Netmums.
  3. We got it on longer. That same study found two-thirds of women said reading about Christian and Ana made their lovemaking last longer, with the average session taking 15 minutes more than before. And one in 25 couples were said to see their sex sessions last an extra hour long (?!). Wow.
  4. We tried new positions. Previously one in eight used just one position every time they had sex, and since the summer, over 40 percent of couples surveyed reported trying five or more positions each time they have sex. As Ana would say, "Oh my!"
  5. Hotter sex lives = better relationships. Higher-quality, more frequent sex made many couples more intimate and emotionally bonded. Awesome!
  6. We felt more comfortable talking about sex. The sudden mainstream interest in erotica and BDSM made it easier to talk about power play and fantasy. And no doubt, open lines of communication are a major aphrodisiac!
  7. We started spending money on our sex lives. We wouldn't question buying a little black dress for date night, so why should we skimp on sexy lingerie or other "props" for the bedroom? This year, we didn't. Lovehoney actually reported a 400 percent increase in sex toy and lingerie sales!
  8. We got more comfortable owning our sexuality. Schlocky writing aside, E.L. James sure did a fantastic number on women who weren't fully embracing their sexual needs.

What are other ways you think sex got better this year?


Image via sWrightOsment/Flickr

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