Marriages in Which Wife Makes More Tend to Be Unhappier, but Why?

Women are more capable than ever before. We are educated, we are working, and we are taking control of our lives. Gone are the days of getting married soon after high school and standing barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen while cooking your husband some meal made entirely of canned ingredients. Unless that’s what you want, of course. To each her own.

A growing number of married women are now the breadwinners of their family, something that was virtually unheard of in our mothers’ generation. How could a female make more money than a man? Why would she want to? As it turns out, maybe they had a reason for not wanting to out-earn their husbands -- marriages in which the wife earns more money tend to be unhappier.


Why is that? One theory is that men like being manly and women enjoy being feminine, so when you toss the gender stereotype that the man brings home the bacon on its head, there’s bound to be internal conflict that could lead to strife in the relationship. This is backed up by the fact that women who out-earn men are more likely to take on the majority of the housework as well, as if they’re overcompensating for their "economic masculinity." Things are bound to spiral downward as the lady begins to feel like the weight of the world is on her shoulders -- what’s wrong with that lout she married?

Has the feminist revolution stalled in the home? Are gender stereotypes to blame? Maybe. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Chicks dig strong guys, no matter what their bank statements say. Men, we are not trying to show you up by earning more money than you -- we are just trying to reach our own full potential. Don’t take everything so personally. If you act like men, we will treat you like men.

Be chivalrous. Be confident. You know what’s sexy? A man secure enough in his manhood to not feel threatened or act pissy when his wife out-earns him. How about showing a little pride or even some swagger over it? Yup, that’s my girl … isn’t she amazing? Compliments are especially good when they’re heartfelt ones from our husbands.

Breaking preconceived notions about gender roles in marriage can be difficult -- but it’s not impossible. All relationships have their quirks that make them non-typical, and there is no rulebook to making it work. Just respect and admire your spouse for his or her amazing attributes, even if you’re a dude and your wife makes more money than you.

Who makes more money in your relationship?


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