The Single Girl’s Bucket List: What to Do Before You Marry So You Have No Regrets

womenYes, marriage is amazing, but so is the single life. That's hard to remember if you are laser  focused on finding a man to put a ring on it. But before you get tied down, there are so many things you can and should take advantage of right now. Take a look at the quintessential single girls bucket list. Here is every thing you need to do before marriage, mortgage, and kids.

  1. Date A LOT (sowing wild oats isn't just for guys)
  2. Go skydiving (because once you settle down and have kids, you may not have the nerve to be so risky)
  3. Travel alone
  4. Live alone (and relish the independence)
  5. Fill up your DVR with all the stupid reality shows you love (no ones around to judge)
  6. Get fit (because you will inevitably pack on the pounds after marriage and kids)
  7. Have a one-night stand (but use protection)
  8. Go to Paris or Rome and shamelessly flirt with all the gorgeous men you meet
  9. Be silly as much as humanely possible
  10. Try speed dating
  11. Take last minute, spontaneous trips
  12. Have a girl's weekend in Las Vegas
  13. Date younger guys
  14. Date older guys
  15. Buy yourself something outrageously expensive and totally impractical
  16. Experiment sexually (always wanted to hook-up with a girl or have a threesome? Now's the time to go for it)
  17. Pick up and move someplace new
  18. Stay out all night (like until day break)
  19. Let your friends set you up (and have an open mind about it)
  20. Try sex toys
  21. Push yourself physically by training for a marathon
  22. Hook up with that really cute co-worker at the office Christmas party
  23. Go skinny dipping
  24. Have your BFF create your online dating profile and roll with it no matter what she writes
  25. Spend an entire day with a friend who has kids (for some much needed perspective on how wonderfully tranquil your life really is at this point)
  26. Take a dance class
  27. Climb a mountain or a glacier just because you can
  28. Have a girls night in at least once a month
  29. Find a good wingwoman (and don't forget to return the favor)
  30. Cook amazing dinners just for yourself

What is on your single gal bucket list?


Image via judacoregio/Flickr

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