Hot Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life for All 12 Days of Christmas

12 days of ChristmasWhen I was a kid, I was pretty sure that someone, somewhere, made up the 12 Days of Christmas. It seemed pretty far fetched since there was only ONE day to get presents. But oh how wrong I was. In fact, there are 12 days of Christmas and they run from the day after Christmas (December 26) to the day before Epiphany (January 6, or the Twelfth Day).

Since we at The Stir always love a good reason to knock boots, we thought we would honor all 12 days of the holiday with one hot thing to try with your spouse. After all, what better way to keep warm then in bed, naked, and together?

Let's hear it for winter sex! See all 12 suggestions below:


Dec. 26: Missionary: It's a simple classic for a reason. After the hectic days of Christmas, no one wants to have to come up with a new position. So kick it old school to start your love fest.

Dec. 27: After the kids are in bed, get some wine, turn out all the lights and only turn on the Christmas tree. Get under it together and enjoy it while you can.

Dec. 28: You are tired. He is tired. Make out a while. Don't have sex. Just see what it's like to be teenagers again on Christmas break.

Dec. 29: Buy yourself some lingerie you know he will love and surprise him with it.

Dec. 30: Apply ta-ta-toos --  special tattoos for the boobs -- and make him laugh. Laughing is good for the libido!

Dec. 31: Try sipping champagne in the bathtub after hours. If you happen to be in a bathtub in the mountains where you can open a skylight with snow above, all the better. Try dribbling the champagne down each other's shoulders and lick it off. Yum!

Jan. 1: Start the new year with a shower together in the morning and soap each other up. Start the day (and the year) fresh!

Jan. 2: Make him a dinner to eat after the kids are in bed that can be entirely devoured without forks. Think grapes and strawberries, cheese and wine. Then enjoy licking your fingers and enjoying it together.

Jan. 3: Watch two pornos together, one that he picks and one that you do. Pay attention and learn what turns the other on about each one.

Jan. 4: Trade underwear for a day. Seriously, the holidays are over. There's not much to look forward to, so try some laughter on for size.

Jan. 5: Sleep nude. This is something you may already do in the summer, but the

Jan. 6: Pick one from the list and do it again!

Did you ever celebrate the 12 days of Christmas either in or out of bed?


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