Morning Sex Is the Secret to Actually Having Sex At All

morning bed feetI believe I have found the secret on how to have more sex. Or for the couples who need to dust off some cobwebs down below ... the secret to actually having sex at all. Real one-on-one, body against body, that two-person tango, sex of the penetrating kind. The secret is morning sex. And you'll never guess who told me. No, it wasn't my husband (though he loves it in the morning). It was Hilary Duff.

We're not besties or anything; in fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen any of her movies, but she's adorable and I love the name she gave her son (Luca Cruz). And she likes to talk about sex. Specifically sex after having kids. Great topic, don't you think? Duff says that she and her retired hockey player hubby, Mike Comrie, are often too tired at night to get it on. Kind of surprising TMI, but I'm into that. So good morning sex it is!


US Magazine reported Hilary saying:

I'm so exhausted at the end of each day, so I'm like, "Can this not happen at night when I'm exhausted?" You find different times to do it.

Morning. Half-asleep. Bodies warm under the covers. Dream-like state. Sex. Sounds like the best way to start the day. You may have to wake up a little early so you can make love before your kid decides to get up, but totally worth it. Sex before coffee? It's really good. Makes your coffee taste better even.

If you're worried about your not-so-fresh breath, just save the kissing for later. Make out at night just before falling asleep. Have sweet dreams about what's to come in the morning. And then wake up and do it! The best morning sex position is lying down in case you're wondering -- on your side, man behind woman, spooning her. You can also get it on in the shower together. Whatever you do, just make it the first order of business.

Worth trying!

Do you think morning sex is the secret to actually having sex?

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