Can What You're Eating Affect Your Marriage?

What you're eating can affect your marriageLast week during a video shoot, I got talking to the videographer about eating habits, and he told me that he and his wife had been following a pretty strict carb-free diet for the last six months.

Usually, I roll my eyes when I hear about these Atkins, Zone, South Beach, Paleo diets because yes, while I realize that a long time ago we didn't have pumped up fruits and processed flour, we also didn't have hormone-laden meat and dairy products either.

Tricky trade-off.

But when I heard her results (hello, size 2 from a size 10!), I figured it was worth looking into. Little did I know how much dropping carbs out of my diet could actually help my marriage, let alone my butt size.


For the last week, I've been pretty much steering clear of most carbs and sugar, drinking only water and coffee (no alcohol), and eating only meats, eggs (in moderation), veggies, and dairy-free cheeses. Believe me, I'd eat regular cheese if my stomach would allow it.

And as a lover of carbs of all kinds, I will tell you that the first two days were very challenging.

But holy cow what a difference it has made with my overall mood. As in, these are my two crazy weeks before my period and I haven't had one huge mood swing, one major outburst with my kids, or the kicker, one fight with my husband.

You do realize that this is nothing short of a miracle, especially since I've been really struggling with hormones, right? 

Don't get me wrong. I'm still a bit weepy and anxious, but nothing like what usually happens. I'm actually amazed at how much different I feel.

Calm. Collected. It's unreal. And that's translated into how I'm interacting with my husband.

I've let a lot of things that might generally be issues with us just pass me by because I'm not as uptight. That's meant fewer arguments overall and a lot more of our time spent enjoying each other's company.

And when I do have a problem, I'm able to approach it and discuss it rationally, which just makes a huge difference, as you might imagine.

Aside from my mood and demeanor, the extra pounds I've lost haven't hurt the self-esteem. My clothes fit better, which makes me feel sexier.

I'm guessing I don't need to elaborate there.

I've also added in a B-12 supplement on the recommendation of a friend, so that could also be helping my mood as well.

I will say that I'm concerned about what I'll do when I add exercise back into my routine, because you do need carbohydrates to burn when you work out. But for now, I'm really hoping I can stick with this plan for as long as possible.

I don't even really care about my waistline, which isn't hugely affected just yet. I honestly just like feeling like myself again, and being a pleasant wife.

Would you be willing to cut out carbs to save your marriage?


Image via daBinsi/Flickr

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