12 Incredibly Sexy Gifts Sure to Make the Holidays a Little Hotter

Maressa Brown | Dec 14, 2012 Love & Sex

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As much as the holiday season can be all about hanging stockings by the fireside or spinning the dreidel with loved ones, it can -- and should -- also be about showing our significant others just how much we care about him or her. It's nice to show how much we value them, appreciate them, aaaaand want to get them under the mistletoe so we can rip their clothes off!

The holidays are busy and stressful and sadly, that means it's easy for the ones we love (and lust for) most to fall off our radars while we're decking the halls and shopping and baking and more. That's why a little sexy gift-giving is definitely in order this year. Don't let this gift fall off the holiday shopping list. It'll serve as just the reminder we all need to get back to our partners -- and quick -- and cuddle up alone, relieve some stress, and forget the holiday madness for a little while. Doesn't that sound nice? 

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Give a gift that makes sparks fly this year! Some of them can be wrapped up with a bow and others can be "cashed in" after the new year when life is a little calmer. Here are 12 off-the-charts hot, sensual, and super-sexy holiday gift ideas ... 

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  • Sensual Coupons


    Buying -- or better yet, making your own -- sexy coupon book for your honey ensures you both get what you want for the holidays! For inspiration, check out: I Owe You Sex: The Gift That Keeps On Giving to Both of You ($5, Amazon.com).

  • Not Your Everyday Handcuffs


    Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey will love these unconventionally luxe suede and silk Lelo Etherea Cuffs ($59, Lelo.com), which can be used on wrists or ankles.

  • Shaving Kit for Him


    You'll both appreciate the sexy effects of a gift like The Art of Shaving: 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Starter Kit ($15, Amazon.com).


  • Body Massage Candle


    Candles alone are always a great gift for striking a sensual mood, but candles that double as massage oil, like the Booty Parlor Don't Stop Massage Oil Candle ($38.95, 3wishes.com), take an already romantic gift to the next level.

  • A Night Away at a Hotel


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    Giving your sweetheart the gift of a night away at a hotel can be super-simple but incredibly sexy -- and romantic.

  • Body Paint


    Shunga offers a Body Painting kit ($13 for 3.5 oz., Shunga.com) in three flavors -- aphrodisiac chocolate, vanilla and chocolate temptation, or sparkling strawberry wine -- you can use to doodle all over your partner with a paintbrush (or your finger) for some good, not-so-clean fun!

  • The Perfect Tie


    You don't have to be infatuated with Christian Grey to love to see your man in a sexy necktie. Even better when it's one you picked out.

  • Date Night


    Enjoy one-on-one time by treating your honey to a special date night.

  • Flavored Lube


    An easy way to get more playful in the bedroom: These natural BabeLicious Flavored Lubricants ($8-$32, Babeland.com) come in Pomegranate Vanilla, Dulce de Leche, Chocolate Orange, and Mojito Peppermint flavors.

  • Couples' Massage Lessons


    Couples' massage lessons (which run around $100/hour) can not only enhance your skill set so you can give one another relaxing massages but turn up the heat on foreplay in a major way. 

  • Surprise Wax Job


    Head to a spa or try your hand at a DIY bikini (or Brazilian!) wax for a gift that's sure to make his eyes pop and jaw drop! One at-home kit to try: Gigi Strip-Free Microwave Wax ($10 for 8 oz., Amazon).

  • A Sexy Reading 'Assignment'


    Consider gifting your man with a smart and sexy tutorial-style book like She Comes First by Ian Kerner, Ph.D. ($14.39, Amazon.com). You'll be doing yourself a favor, too!

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