10 Signs Your Husband Has the Hots for Your Babysitter

man huggingA lot of people think that whole notion of the dad hooking up with the babysitter or nanny is just a cliche. You know, the stuff of middle-aged male fantasies. Yes, there's a bunch of Lifetime movie plots dedicated to that scenario and you occasionally hear about a star hooking up with the nanny (Robin Williams, Ethan Hawke, Jude Law), but do everyday guys really go there? 

There are not stats on that, but I bet a bunch entertain the thought. I know a woman with a terrible nanny -- and by terrible I mean she comes in late, is lazy, and even worse, was once caught drinking on the job. Totally deserves to be canned, right? Well this woman’s hubby refused to fire her. When she did it anyway, he felt so bad he hired her as an assistant at his company. Shady, don't you think? That said, I doubt most guys are gutsy enough to go that far or even actually make a move. But take a look at the warning signs to tell if your man has a major crush on your babysitter:

  1. He helps her with her duties. You have to beg your better half to put a single dish in the dishwasher, but when the nanny can’t get through her to-do list, he turns into Mrs. Doubtfire.
  2. He pretends to be engrossed in conversations with her even though he has no idea what "LMAO" or "ghettofabulous" means.
  3. He makes excuses for her silly mistakes, like accidentally bleaching his best tie.
  4. He suggests you wear some outfit just like hers. Never mind that she's 25 with the fashion sense of Snooki.
  5. He tries to impress her with his new fitness regimen, even though later on, he will complain to you for hours about how much it kills his knees.
  6. He giggles at her lame jokes.
  7. He has way too many suggestions when you say you are going to buy her a birthday gift.
  8. He pretends to be interested in a health update on her Yorkie-Poo.
  9. He sucks in his beer belly (or at least tries to) when she suddenly walks into the room.
  10. He's reluctant to give her the axe even when it's clear this is not the job for her.

What are other signs your husband has the hots for the babysitter?


Image via a hundred visions and revisions/Flickr

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