5 Racy Holiday Couples Gifts You Can Open in Front of the Kids

We Vibe Kit from BabelandAs much as I love getting gifts from my husband, I really don't need another sweater coat, which seems to be his go-to present for me.

So this year, especially since we're in marriage counseling, I thought it  might be fun for us to get a couple's gift, and one that we'll get lots of use out of ... in the bedroom.

If you're like me and would much prefer awesome sex over an awesome sweater, then take note of these 5 sexy gifts for couples. Even better, you can give some of them in front of the kids and grandparents and they'll never know.


1. Spicy Subscription Box

Now I've seen a lot of these sexy subscription boxes (trust me!) and for the most part, I've been really disappointed with the contents for what you're paying. If there's one that I'd say is worth the money, it's Spicy Subscriptions, a service that will send you all sorts of sexy goodies every month.

I was very pleased (heh) with the sample box they sent me to try out and I have to say that it's a really smart investment for couples who aren't super adventurous or just don't have time to peruse their local sex shop (online or in person) but like to try new toys and products.

Their montly service starts at $20.95 (with a deluxe box for more), but they're running a special where you can get your first box for $9.99.

2. Liberator Sex Pillow

If you didn't save your Boppy nursing pillow (what, you don't use that as a sex pillow now that your baby is grown?), I strongly suggest investing in a Liberator sex pillow. You can actually sleep on them (after you wash the cover, of course), but they can really make those fun but challenging sex positions a little easier.

And even better, you can pop a bow around it and stick it under the tree. Your kids will just think it's a special gift for Mommy to get the sleep she's been begging for.

3. Hitachi Magic Wand

I realize that these days, you can get a sex toy that doesn't look like a sex toy, which I suppose is a smart idea for parents who don't want to have a long talk with their kids when they discover their penis-shaped dildo. However, the Hitachi Magic Wand actually doubles pretty well as a back and body massager, which I can't really say about the tiny, pretty vibes out there.

I figure if you're going to invest in a vibrator, it should do a little more than just get you off. Plus, with all the "massagers" on the market at places like Brookstone, you might even be able to get away with giving this in front of the whole family.

4. Sex Kits

I love perusing the virtual shelves of Babeland, a female-friendly sex shop that also has store fronts in New York City and Seattle. Of note are their couples' kits, particularly the We-Vibe 3 Positions Kit (pictured above).

If you're not familiar with a We-Vibe, it's a vibrator that stimulates a woman on the inside and outside. Woo! It's worn during intercourse and can actually stimulate your partner as well.

It's definitely on the pricey side, but if you're looking for something that will give both of you pleasure, I'd say it's the way to go. Though I'd open this gift in the privacy of your bedroom rather than at the annual family holiday gathering.

5. Kindle pre-loaded with naughty books

Wrap up an e-reader under the tree and no one will suspect that it's actually a sexy gift. That's because you've loaded it up with all sorts of naughty books.

Whether you're a 50 Shades of Grey fan, or you prefer racier books (my guilty pleasure is Ravenous Romance), pop a bunch on the Kindle or NOOK and start reading them together. Just make sure your kids know that it's Mommy and Daddy's Kindle.

Would you dare give a sexy Christmas gift in front of the kids?

Image via Babeland

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