Men Just Can't Help Waiting Until Christmas Eve to Do Their Shopping

Christmas tree and presentsIf men were smart, they'd do all of their Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Yes, fighting the insane crowds all jacked-up on caffeine. Trust me, it's better than the usual alternative.

See, here's a little secret: guys suck at shopping. We hate it. We're not good at it and because of all that, we pretty much put it out of our minds.

"Thanksgiving's here? Bah. There's plenty of time to get my wife a present." Rinse and repeat.


Suddenly, it's Christmas Eve and you're running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to find a store that's open. And then when you do find one, good luck hunting down a retailer that actually isn't sold out on the one item you know your wife would go absolutely nuts for.

Sure you can order things online, but again, guys wait until the last minute and when express shipping costs $25, that's when you put the mouse down and head to the mall.

I've personally never had to worry about Christmas Eve shopping panics, but that's only because I'm Jewish. If I celebrated Christmas, I just know I'd be one of those men frantically pacing around a drugstore looking for something better than a vaporizer to buy for my wife.

I do it every year for my wife's birthday and Hanukkah too. I wait until it's too late to order online and then when there's only a day or two left, I head out to the local mall and literally spend hours going from store to store to store.

One year, I was so flustered, I ended up going into Hallmark and buying up a few nice picture frames. Then I went next door to Yankee Candle and lost an hour and a half of my life. My wife loves candles, so I figured that'd make a nice gift. But, oh geez, there are soooo many scents, which one would she like best?

I literally changed my mind 20 times that night and eventually grabbed a handful of pillars, including a "Birthday Cake" one. Candles and picture frames. Was I shopping for my wife or getting a bunch of Secret Santa gifts?

Needless to say, the gifts didn't go over all that well. She smiled and said, "Oh. Candles. That's nice." And then she proceeded to "teach me" about gift giving to the mother of my children.

Have I learned my lesson? Yes. Will I wait till the last minute again? Most likely. It's just in guys' nature.

But I'll tell you one thing: I'll never buy another candle or picture frame again!

What's the worst gift your husband or significant other ever bought you?

Photo via Lindz Graham/Flickr

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