Is Exchanging Naughty Pictures With a Stranger Cheating?

With the Internet at our fingers, we're one Google search away from anything we can dream of.

The Internet truly does connect us - sometimes in ways that are a bit more intimate than we want or expect. Especially when it comes to naughty pictures sent by virtual friends.

But is exchanging racy photos with strangers really crossing the line?


Every time I turn around, someone famous like Anthony Weiner, or even just a regular old blogger, is busted for sending snaps of their naughty bits in "private messages" on Twitter or Facebook.

Because we have this gateway into (almost) any virtual world we want, many people say and act differently than they would if you met them face-to-face. This includes "online romances" with folks who are otherwise spoken for in real life. I've even known people who've had these online romances before - spoiler alert! None end well!

So I'm curious, is sending half-naked or seductive pictures to an online "friend" cheating?

This might surprise you, but I'd say probably not.

Let's be clear: I'd never do it, nor do I have any desire to take pictures of myself in compromising positions and send them around the Internet a la Paris Hilton. But for some people, I think exchanging sexy snaps is simply like looking at pornography, which we all know the Internet is literally bursting with.

How could I say such a thing?

Well, I think that exchanging lewd photos with an online friend can help a relationship between two real-live people, if both parties are aware of what's going on. Why? If it turns you both on and leads to some hot and heavy action between you and your partner, that's a bonus!

The line, I think, gets blurred when the relationship extends past naughty photos and into the emotionally intimate territory. I'd much prefer that my (non-existent) partner see some girl's boobs than have her tell him she loves him.

However, it's important to note that if sending lewd shots around to people you don't know is part of your life (and it is for some), then it requires honesty with your partner. Sending and receiving naughty pictures has to be done in the open, with honest communication between both partners and the person sending or receiving the pictures in order for it not to be considered cheating.

It sounds like a weird concept, I know, but in the end, every couple has to do what works for them. And if it spices things up? Then no one gets hurt.

But don't even get me STARTED on sexting.

Do you think sending naughty pictures across the Internet is cheating if both partners are into it?

Image via jared/Flickr

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