10 New Sex Positions To Keep You Busy

kittensLooking for some new ways to get busy in the bedroom? Here is a new, fun and enlightening article from Redbook for 10 new sex positions you can start trying tonight.

  1. The Golden Gate. Lying on your back, raise your legs and drape them over his shoulders so your knees or calves are on either side of his head (don't worry, it's not as hard as it sounds).
  2. The One-Lane Highway. Once he's inside in missionary position, squeeze your legs together so his thighs are straddling yours for a really snug fit.
  3. The One-Legged Stork. If you like the missionary position, raise just one leg so it rests on his torso while keeping the other flat on the bed.Then you can reach down and stimulate your clitoris.
  4. The Crazy Cat. Coital Alignment Technique (CAT): In a modified missionary position, have him slide his torso up a few inches so he rocks, rather than thrusts, into you, keeping his pubic bone connected to yours at all times. The added clitoral stimulation is scientifically proven to up your enjoyment level.
  5. The Amazing Arc. From woman-on-top position, slide your legs down so they're straddling his thighs rather than his torso. Arch your back so you're nearly perpendicular to the bed to maximize clitoral stimulation.
  6. The Reverse Cowgirl. In this you-on-top position, you spin so you're facing his feet, then go at it with your torso perpendicular to the bed (or you can lean back against his chest) for an exciting new angle and for possible G-spot contact.
  7. The Crouching Tiger. If you like doggie-style, you can make it even more sexually charged by lowering your chest to the bed. This angle elongates and tightens your vagina, resulting in an even more snug fit.
  8. The Swinging Bishop. When you're in the spooning position with your back to his, lift your top leg and have him hold it, or drape your leg over his for deeper penetration.
  9. The Kissing Goldfish. Believe it or not, it is possible to have sex sideways while facing each other — just lift your leg so he can scoot in there. Movement will be limited to grinding rather than thrusting, but sometimes less is more, more, more.
  10. The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Your guy kneels, grabs your legs and hoists them up onto his shoulders, then enters you while you're practically doing a headstand below. A neck ache may ensue over time, but while it lasts, it's definitely impressive.

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