Couple Who Can't Agree on Babies Break Up & Explain It All in a Song (VIDEO)

we've got to break upFor those of you who are sick of all those sweet, adorable engagement announcement videos and wedding flash mob videos, I've got a special treat for you. Introducing: The We've Got to Break Up Video. Yay! Jonathan and Ivory have been dating for five years. But it's time to call it quits. Sad but necessary. To take the sting out of their announcement they decided to sing us a nice song.

They're such a charming couple it's hard to believe they'd want to split up, but the have a darn good reason. Jonathan wants babies. Ivory does NOT.


Aww, who wouldn't want to make babies with the Song a Day Man? Ivory, that's who. There will be no babies for her. She will not be a mother. And she's willing to sacrifice her relationship over it.

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Well... at least she's been clear about it with Jonathan. I mean, she told him from the beginning she didn't want kids. And he got together with her anyway, kind of hoping she'd change her mind. Oh Jonathan! Women don't their mind about that sort of thing. SIGH.

Good for Ivory for knowing herself well enough that she's not just having a baby to make her boyfriend happy. And hey, these two are still young. Jonathan can find a new girlfriend who does want to make little singing babies with him. And Ivory, well the world is her oyster now.

Announcing a break-up is just awkward. And that little dance they do in the middle of the song is REALLY awkward. (WTF is that?) Yes they look dour and depressed, but shouldn't they? They just broke up! Still, I love how these two put it -- it's messy, but we love you all and keep inviting us both to your parties. If you think about it, in some ways this is a happy video. That's how I'm seeing it.

Are there any deal-breakers that would cause you to split with your SO?


Image via Jonathan Mann/YouTube

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