What Kind of Gift Should You Buy the New Man in Your Life?

One of my absolute favorite things to do is find thoughtful gifts for people. Of course, this normally happens when it's July and I get too excited about the present and have them open it RIGHT THERE, RIGHT NOW, which is sorta a problem, I guess.

I digress.

When you're first seeing a new special someone, it's SO hard to know what to do around the holidays. You don't want to come across as cold or too overbearing, so what's the happy medium? What kinds of presents should you buy your new partner without making it all weird?

Here are some tips on what - if anything - to buy your new boyfriend for the holidays.


1) Before you do any buying at all for your new boyfriend, gather some intel about how he feels about the holidays. Is he celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or nothing? What traditions does he follow? Don't be nosy -- just try to get a sense of his feelings about the holidays. One of my boyfriends was particularly indifferent toward holidays, which made for a few *ahem* problems.

2) Have a quick discussion about gift giving. Most men aren't particularly cagey when asked an upfront question like, "Should we do something small to celebrate the holiday?" No pressure, no stress, just a quickie question.

3) If you do decide to buy him a gift, keep one ear open as to what he might want. Most people will casually - and unintentionally - say things like, "I like that (insert item here)." Make a mental note of those ideas if you hear them.

4) If he only wants big-ticket items (not from you, I imagine), don't go that route right now. You don't want to overkill on the whole thing and end up feeling embarrassed because he got you a card and you got him a car.

5) If he's shy about talking about what he likes so you don't have much idea of what a good "first holiday" gift would be, that can be tricky. Go by what he's into. If it's music, buy him some MP3s or concert tickets. If he likes nerdy stuff, see what Think Geek has to offer.

6) Don't over-think it. Seriously, don't. Because if you go out of your way to do something thoughtful and perfect, you're going to build it up in your head and and then feel crestfallen if he doesn't react the way you want him to. This totally happened to me once and it STILL makes me cringe.

7) When all else fails, do something like a "movie night in" where you make dinner (or, if you're like me, order pizza), pop some popcorn, and watch the Back to the Future trilogy.

How do YOU decide what to buy your new boyfriend for the holidays?


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