‘Les Miserables’ Flash Mob Is the Cutest Wedding Gift Ever (VIDEO)

Les Mis WeddingOne of the most important things in anyone's marriage is their community. It may seem crazy, but it's true: Marriages that lack a strong community will often fail and no one will even know why. It takes more than just two people to make a marriage work.

This is why I am such a sucker for proposals or wedding videos that make great use of community. There was that wedding, dance down the aisle video. Then there was that amazing viral proposal with music, song, and dance. Now there is this. This is the Les Miserables wedding surprise and it could not come at a better time.

The movie is coming out and everyone knows just how powerful the music is (Right? Right?). So, it is only fitting that a group of friends who were guests at a wedding got together and honored their friend's marriage with a musical tribute. See below:


Moving, no?

They have friends who love them enough to think of a really great and unique way to honor them. Their friends work well together and clearly support one another, so there is a huge support system. Plus I see humor and creativity, both of which I see only good things for this couple.

Marriage takes so much more than just two people who love each other. There are friends to consider and years of hard moments ahead of any new couple. The foundation has to be strong for a marriage to make it in the long run and part of a good foundation is community.

This does not mean you need a million best friends, but each member of the couple has to be stable in themselves and in their community in order to come together. Even more than that, starting a family is best when there is plenty of support and people to help love and raise that child.

I have no doubt that this couple has that. Not only is it a great video, you can just feel the love emanating from the screen. Mazel tov!

Did your friends do anything special for your wedding?


Image via YouTube

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