Harvard's New Kinky Sex Club Is '50 Shades' of Bizarre

Harvard sex clubA kinky sex club at Harvard University just received recognition by the school as an official club. The group, known as "Munch" for its meeting times (somewhere between dinner and lunch), is now officially part of the prestigious university's club community. 

It was made official the same day as the Harvard College Comics Club, the Harvard Undergraduate Mathematics Association, and the Harvard Undergraduate Maternal Health Initiative. Hilarious. Odd. Perfectly appropriate, right? It's a strange phenomenon.

I am pretty sure that our sexual proclivities are generally private. You wouldn't find a vanilla sex club, for instance, replete with those of us who prefer monogamy and straight-up missionary style. It would be a boring club, though. This kink club sounds way more fun.


As is typical of Harvard, it's all very intellectual, and hey, if this breaks the stereotype of people who are into kinky sex being freaks who aren't well educated and out of their minds, then fine. But didn't Fifty Shades of Grey already do that?

My guess is that Harvard -- and the BDSM community in general -- frowns upon Fifty Shades for many reasons, not the least of which is that it's not REAL BDSM.

The truth is, Fifty Shades is more female fantasy than pure BDSM. A rich man is perfect and has eyes only for one woman, save for his little kink fetish? Yeah. Not exactly realistic.

Still, all of these things combine to open up a larger discussion about sex. And while I generally think personal sexuality is a private matter, it's also good to be open about sex in general. The more we talk about these things and the more open we can be, the better. Maybe we will all learn something, judge less, and have better sex lives.

It may not be my thing, but good for them. Good for Harvard for respecting their students and good for students for being open enough to ask for what they want. It's a win all around.

Meanwhile, I'll just keep hoping for the vanilla sex club. Fingers crossed!

What do you think of the kinky sex club?


Image via Madeleine_H/Flickr

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