'50 Shades of Grey' Solves the Mystery of What Turns Women On in Bed (VIDEO)

mad life panel fifty shades of greyTry as we might to avoid it, it's almost impossible to resist. You can run ... but you can't hide! Sooner or later, you're comin' down with Fifty Shades of Grey fever! At least that's been the case for 50 million women. And on a new episode of CafeMom Studios' series, Mad Life, host and co-founder of CafeMom Andrew Shue actually discusses the powerful phenomenon -- and how it's affecting couples' sex lives -- with his buddy, Chuck Nice, his mother-in-law, Joan Robach, and sex and relationship expert Ian Kerner (AKA the genius who wrote She Comes First!).

Yes, as you can imagine, they had a heated discussion about fantasy that raised some very spicy questions ... Like does Fifty Shades' popularity prove women prefer to read our porn than watch it? Is the key to addressing boredom in the bedroom to be more "selfish"? Check it out, and see what the outspoken panel learned ...


Okay, let me just say: How much do you love Ian Kerner for explaining how crucial fantasy is for women to fully enjoy sex? It's awesome. Because we all know, obviously, that we need to fully relax and block out stressful thoughts to have great sex, but hey, as Ian points out, there's actual BRAIN science that proves it.

In other words, Fifty Shades or some other kind of erotica serves a much greater purpose for women than simply offering us "dirty" recreational reading. It's actually engaging our imaginations in a way that offers food for fantasy -- as opposed to thought. So we can enjoy sex even more and even more easily get to that well-deserved, much-needed Big O. Awesome!

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Has Fifty Shades of Grey helped you fantasize more and spice up your sex life? If not, what else has?

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