What NOT to Say to Your Spouse If You Want to Stay Married (VIDEO)

What not to say to your spouseI used to joke around that my husband has foot-in-mouth disease because that's really the only way I could explain some of the crazy things he used to say, and sometimes still does.

But hey, I'm not exempt either, because there have been plenty of times where I really should have kept my mouth shut.

Apparently my husband and I aren't alone, because I nodded my head in agreement at every single thing the guests mentioned on the newest Mad Life episode, hosted by CafeMom co-founder Andrew Shue.

And chances are, you will too.


So let's talk about the men, shall we, and their uncanny ability to tell us to "CALM DOWN!" in the middle of an argument -- like that's actually going to do anything but make us angrier. 

Thankfully, my husband doesn't do that. He's just the king of the "wow, your arm looks really big from this angle" type of comments, which he then tries to make better by saying "oh but I like when I can squeeze them like that" and "but your hair looks really pretty."

Makes me want to jump right in the sack with him!

But I have to agree with Andrew that it's not just the men who say stupid things. We women have our fair share of annoying habits too, like being nit-picky when it comes to everything our spouses do, even if they're actually doing awesome things around the house. GUILTY AS CHARGED!

So maybe we both need to learn to keep our mouths shut, and say "thank you" a little bit more. And "whatever!" a whole heckuva lot less.

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What does your spouse say that drives you crazy? And what do you say that gets him all riled up?

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