New Vaginal Piercing Trend Grows in Popularity -- but What Are the Risks?

It seems like since the '70s "full bush" went out of favor, women have been searching for new and exciting ways to deck out their vaginas. From vajazzling to Brazilian waxing, nothing is too wild or crazy for our lady bits.

One of the newest fads is what's called a hood piercing, which is absolutely one of the most interesting and controversial things that a woman can do down there.


The procedure's full name is a vertical clitoral hood piercing, which doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, so hood piercing it is. Many women are confused by its placement, believing it to be a piercing of the clitoris when it's actually a piercing of the "hood tissue" above the clitoris.

Hood piercings are becoming more and more popular because they can allow for increased stimulation of the clitoral area. So what's the downside to this?

Not all women are candidates for this type of piercing, thanks to significant variations in the anatomy of our vaginas. Any woman who digs the idea of vagina jewelry should meet with a piercer to ascertain whether or not she should go for it or ditch the idea.

It's also really important to remember that piercings of the genital area can affect sexual pleasure in both good and bad ways. When properly done, a hood piercing can lead to an increase in sensation -- but when the procedure isn't done right, it can actually numb sensation. Talk about a bummer!

Before going through with this, you should find someone who has experience doing it and doesn't mind talking about getting such a delicate area pierced. A great hood piercer should take the time to answer any questions you have (and I'm sure you'll have tons!) and walk you through the process well before your appointment.

The person should also give you some idea as to what to expect after you've gotten your genitals pierced. Expect to bleed for a couple of days afterwards, and while it's healing, wear some tighter cotton undies to keep the piercing in place but still allow the area to breathe.

Healing from a hood piercing can take anywhere from four to six weeks. If you're feeling better after a week or so, don't assume that you can stop caring for the piercing -- follow all instructions to the letter. You don't want to take risks with such a delicate part of your body!

Would you get a hood piercing? Do you have a hood piercing? Do you like having one? So many questions!


Image via jessica mullen/Flickr

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