How to Spice Up 5 Classic Board Games for a Super Sexy Date Night

monopoly boardBoard games and the bedroom aren't things that normally mix. Sure Strip Poker is a saucy game that can get you in the mood super quick. But that card game is so '80s, isn't it?

I recently found out about a "mature board game" called Please Me. Its intent is to get couples or groups of friends to enjoy a fun game while exploring all sorts of flirting and... pleasurable experiences. Ahem. Wouldn't a bottle of tequila be much faster and a heckuva lot more fun?

I haven't played the game, but it got me thinking. (A dangerous pastime, I know!) What if some of the other classic board games put out "mature" editions to help keep things fresh in your relationship? Heck, there'd be dice and spinners flying all over the place!

So pull up a chair and keep score as I present the 5 Classic Board Games You Can Sexify to Spice Up Your Marriage!


Twister - There's already tons of videos (uh, I heard from a friend) of college girls playing naked Twister. So why not play it with your spouse? Either start out completely nude and follow the standard rules, or play normally but instead of losing every time you mess up, you have to remove an article of clothing.

Monopoly - They already make 19 gazillion different types of Monopoly games, so what's one more? Forget Boardwalk and Park Place. Instead, replace every property on the board with various sexual acts (from kissing to heavy petting to triple input!). Besides owning these properties, if someone lands on one of yours, they have to perform the act. Don't forget to get out the handcuffs in case someone goes directly to jail!

Scrabble - The only rules change is that every word used in the game has to be a sexual one. Slang is not just acceptable; it's encouraged.

Sorry - The game of eternally screwing your opponent by sending them back to start takes a new meaning in the adult version. The first time you send someone back, instead of saying, "Sorry!," you give them a small kiss. The second time, it's a deep, passionate kiss for 3 minutes. Third time, you move on to copping a feel. Maybe the fifth turns into some oral pleasure. And the sixth lets you go all the way. Make up your own roster of "Sorry actions." But the key here is that even when you lose, you win!

Pictionary - While this game is usually played in teams (hey, if you and your spouse happen to swing that way...), a slight adjustment will work. The same basic rules apply (You draw pictures to try to get the other player to guess the word or phrase), but all phrases are replaced with sexual ones. The winner gets to choose which act they perform!

What games do you play in the bedroom?

Photo via Philip Taylor/Flickr

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