'50 Shades of Grey' May Be a Life-Preserver for Your Marriage (VIDEO)

couple kissingBetcha E.L. James could have never guessed that her stories about a sexy billionaire and innocent college student would impact so many people in so many different ways. Least of all that the books may be said to blame for the ending of one woman's marriage ... or the saving of many women's marriages. But that's exactly what the latest buzz on Fifty Shades of Grey has revolved around.

In response to the news that a couple divorced after the hubs didn't respond to the wife's attempt to Grey-ize their sex life, Australian blogger Kim Bayne spoke out in HuffPo Live round-table chat -- featuring MamasLatinas' very own Irina Gonzalez! -- and told host Abby Huntsman that she credits the book as being somewhat of a life-preserver for her own marriage.


Check it out at around 18:45 ...


Well, for one, you gotta hand it to Kim for being so forthcoming about her sex life ... and how Fifty Shades rejuvenated her perspective. In other words, it wasn't like she and/or her husband read the book and decided to attempt to copycat scenes or the idea of a BDSM contract or even use of sex toys/props to overcome her postpartum depression and lacking motivation in the bedroom. Instead, she saw the book as "a catalyst" that helped her focus more on her husband and what he needed.

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Don't get me wrong -- I'm all for both partners needs in the bedroom being equally fulfilled. But sometimes, especially after being with the same person for years, we lose our way and forget to put ourselves in our partner's shoes. We forget what it was like in the beginning, when we first met, and the chemistry was irresistable and off-the-charts. And that's in huge part what Christian and Ana's story is about! It might be unrealistic -- and even detrimental -- to attempt to recreate fictional characters' actions. But there's nothing wrong with finding their story inspiring and wanting to figure out how you and your partner can inject your own relationship with a similar heat.

I actually don't blame the woman who divorced her husband in the wake of introducing him to Fifty Shades. It sounds like she was only attempting to do what Kim did with her husband -- use it as a catalyst to rejuvenating their sex life. Unfortunately, he didn't take too kindly to that idea. But the good news is that it seems like many husbands -- and wives -- are ... and for that, they definitely have E.L. James and her dirty mind to thank!

Do you agree Fifty Shades is a great "catalyst" to heat things up in the bedroom?

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