Crazy Amusement Park Ride Gives Women Orgasms & You Won't Believe What You're Seeing (VIDEO)

Have you ever been on a slingshot ride? I've always been way too terrified of trying one of those deadly-looking reverse-bungee spring-propulsion whatchamacallits that hurls you about fifty zillion feet into the air at the approximate speed of sound, but according to several intriguing YouTube videos, I might be missing out on a seriously good thing. Because there's something about the experience brought on by at least one of those nightmarish contraptions that's giving women orgasms left and right.

I honestly and truly have no idea how I stumbled onto this bizarre little corner of YouTube, but there are all kinds of videos depicting various women having a special sort of fun on the Sling Shot Malta ride in St. George's Bay, Malta. As in ... the ride seemed to give them a happy ending. If you know what I mean and I think you do.

Don't believe me? Well, turn down your speakers and take a look at the (fully clothed, but NSFW audio) action:


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Here's one woman who seriously throws her man for a loop at about the :38 mark:

And another woman who seems to be on an entirely different ride ("OH MY GOD!!!") than her friend:

This woman might just be overwhelmed like her man, but there's something about her facial expressions that tell me she's not just having a head rush:

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Finally, tandem squealing:

Now, okay. Maybe some of these videos just show a woman having a normal excited response to an exhilarating ride. Probably some are faked -- that seems likely, given the attention the first one drew. But clearly there are at least a few women who REALLY enjoy this particular slingshot ride. Is it the adrenaline? The increased blood flow? The vibration? That strategically-placed strap?

Inquiring minds may never know, but ... well, anyone else suddenly interested in visiting Malta?

Why do you think someone might have an orgasm from a ride like this?

Image via YouTube

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