Petraeus Scandal's Jill Kelley Boosts Porn Star Jill Kelly's Career: 15 Movies She Should Make

petraeusThe Petraeus affair scandal is the gift that keeps on giving -- its latest present is the accidental economic stimulus caused by the the Patreaus ladies. You see, people are searching the Internets for party-planner and wannabe diplomat Jill Kelley, but they're accidentally spelling it without an "E", and are coming up with Jill Kelly, a legendary porn star who's starred in such hits as Loading & Unloading Only and What Happens in Janine Stays in Janine.


To that end, Jill Kelly titles have been flying off the virtual shelves. Sales of her pornos are up 500 percent in the last week or so! Five HUNDRED percent. Hmm, anyone else think we should milk this scandal for all its economically worth? Let's make as many Petraeus-themed porns we can! To get us started on raising the national GDP one adult film at a time, here are 15 Petraeus porn titles that would totally support the cause.

  1. Langley in My Vajangley, Part I
  2. Paula's a Broad Who'll Do You Well
  3. Knock, Knock. Who's There? It's the CIA at Your Back Door, Bitch
  4. Honey, I Blew the CIA Director
  5. An Officer Who's Not a Gentleman
  6. D.C. Will Do You Right Part VII
  7. Email My Heart (& My Vagina)
  8. Afghanistand on My Face (Or Sit, Whatever), Part II
  9. Kelley Cums to Her Senses, Part XXI
  10. Swallow the CIA Leader
  11. Once You Go Black Ops, You'll Never Go Back
  12. Colonel Angus Visits the Sticky South
  13. All In, All In Again, & All In For Real This Time, Parts I, II, and III
  14. Naughty General Penetrates Paula Part II
  15. Caucasian Invasion Persuasion Be Crayzen

Can you think of any good Petraeus porn titles?


Photo via hectorir/Flickr

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