10 Reasons the Holidays Are NOT the Time to Bring Him Home to Mom & Dad

WreatheThe holidays are my favorite time of year, but man, can they be stressful. You've gotta make sure everything is cooked just right and nothing's forgotten in the oven for Thanksgiving. For the December holidays, you're worried about what to buy everyone on your shopping list without blowing your bank account. The biggest stressor of all, though? Deciding whether or not now is the time to bring the man in your life around your family.

Let me tell you a little something. You may think that bringing your guy around is gonna be just like in all the heartwarming holiday flicks. You two will sip eggnog by the fire and cheers drumsticks at a perfectly set holiday table with a perfectly roasted turkey as a centerpiece. FYI: It never happens like that. Ever.

Thus I present you with 10 reasons to hold off on introducing him to your family during the holidays:


1. No one knows what he likes: What if he's a vegetarian? Or can't stand dark meat? Or worse -- HATES DESSERT (shudder). You don't want to make him pretend to like everything your family serves him, especially your grandma's super-dry stuffing. 

2. Holy interview time: Holidays mean a MASS gathering of family, which means even more people to introduce your man to at your celebration. Much easier to field questions from just the parents over a cozy dinner at Olive Garden than 12 aunts, uncles, cousins, and their awkward coworkers. Before you know it, it's like a real-life Meet the Fockers.

3. Gift giving nightmare: When no one's met your guy, it's safe to say they don't know much about him to give him something good. Soon enough the guy has one-too-many iTunes gift cards, an ugly Christmas sweater from your Aunt Judy, and super weird coffee mugs that likely came from the discount store at your cousin's local mall. Or worse -- he's sitting there watching all of YOU open gifts.

4. Gift giving for HIM: Then there's his side. Poor guy. He knows NOTHING about your family besides what you've told him (when he was hardly listening). He comes armed with wine, they may think he's a drunk. Starbucks gift cards? A caffeine addict.

5. That awkward family member: Everyone has one, that unpredictable distant cousin who always says the weirdest things. You'll be so unhinged about leaving him alone for fear of what they may ask him that you'll lose all enjoyment out of your holiday time.

6. What to wear is a mystery: Hopefully this isn't an issue for you and yours. God forbid, though, that he shows up over- or under-dressed. Judgement City.

7. What about his family? If he's spending the holiday with you, doesn't that make you wonder why he's not spending it with his family? Is this an inference that things are wrong there? Is there something you should know about?

8. Weird sleeping arrangements: Iffy no matter how you slice it. Do you sleep in separate beds? Do you even have a full-size bed in the house you grew up in?

9. Political banter is inevitable: In the wake of the recent election, this is THE year not to bring a new guy around your family for the first time. Who knows what aggravating topics they may get to around the appetizer platters.

10. Bombarded with leftovers: Every hostess is guilty of trying to divvy up the leftovers so they're not celebrating Thanksgiving for weeks on end after it's said and done. Your love is probably a polite guy, meaning that, well, of course he'll "help out." Before you know it, your grandmother is making him leave the house with eight pounds of food and you're officially embarrassed that he's forced to take all that dry stuffing.

Have you ever brought someone you're dating to meet your family for the first time during the holidays? Do you have any holiday relationship tips?


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