Gay Men Hilariously ‘Threaten’ to Marry Straight Women Unless We Let Them Marry Each Other (VIDEO)

Most of us gals have fantasized at one point or another about marrying a gay man. Oh, sure, maybe the sex life wouldn't be all that, but think of the other perks! Gay men will go to Broadway shows and art openings with us. They dress better than you hetero slobs. They can cook. And they simply loooove the gym. Plus, they actually listen to us and they don't check out other women! In reality, gay men don't want to marry women. They want to marry each other. But because of oppression and homophobia, they can't do that in most states. So some fellas from have come up with the solution -- pass gay marriage acts in all states or ... drum roll, please ... they will marry your girlfriends.


The video shows a bunch of clean-cut looking men exclaiming how, being gay 'n' all, they'd like to have the option of getting married -- to men. However, if people want to keep marriage "between a man and woman," then fine. They'll just go ahead marry your girlfriends.

They list all of the very compelling reasons why they'd have a pretty easy time taking your girlfriend away from you. They'd make her a quiche for breakfast. They know the difference between hummus and baba ghanoush. Not only will they go out dancing with your girlfriend -- hell, they teach dance class. Er, but what about that whole sex thing?

Well, hetero guys probably have the gay men beat there (hopefully). But not by much. The gay men in the video proclaim they know all about your girlfriend's "secret places and fantasies" and are just fiiiiine with that threesome she wants -- with another guy.

The fellas make some good, funny points. But, speaking as a woman who was with a secretly gay man for 10 years, and as one who knows many, many women who are or were the same situation, it's all cute in a video but devastating in real life. Gay men do marry women. And that is because of the continued oppression and homophobia they experience. Many gay men don't even want to admit to themselves that they're gay, so they marry a woman because they convince themselves they're not.

So let's let the gay guys marry each other so more women don't find themselves married to a gay man -- though if they're anything like the guys in this video, that may not be so bad! Har.

What do you think of this video and its message?

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