25 Reasons Women Believe Their Husbands Won’t Cheat

David and Holly PetraeusPoor Holly Petraeus. She is clearly the biggest victim in the headline-grabbing mess created by her husband David Petraeus' affair with a much younger, much buffer woman. You have to wonder if she was completely blindsided by the betrayal. Many women are, after all.

Despite the stats (about one-fifth of men admit to cheating), a lot of us expect our spouses to keep true to the vows and promises made early on in the relationship. So we asked CafeMom members whether they truly believe their men are faithful and why. Some answers were humorous, some shocking, but all give a poignant glimpse into the absolute faith a lot of women have in their husbands' fidelity. 

  1. "I'm hot!"
  2. "He's only been with me sexually and has no desire to be with anyone else."
  3. "I've been cheated on before and I know this man is different because of his maturity."
  4. "He is not looking for validation anywhere else."
  5. "I took my time dating him before getting married so that I had time to learn who he was. Therefore, I know for a fact he would never cheat, just like I know for a fact he would never harm another human being."
  6. "He never shuts up about me or my daughters so he cuts off any interest at the pass."
  7. "We communicate both good and bad feelings so we would both know if the other cannot fulfill our desires."
  8. "He would never cheat without telling me first. We are 100% honest with each other."
  9. "I know he wouldn't now because we have both cheated on one another and got caught. It was hell for both of us and now we just want to focus on making us work."
  10. "We have threesomes on occasion and that keeps it spicy!"
  11. "Even if a girl would flirt with him in high school he would call me and tell me about it."
  12. "Some people like myself married a man with strong Christian moral values."
  13. "My husband's #1 most important virtue is his word. If he promises something he never breaks it and he sees his vows the same way."
  14. "150% trust!"
  15. "He has worked with me entirely too hard and stuck by me through too much to just go out and cheat."
  16. "My husband is very big on loyalty, he's also been cheated on in the past. We didn't rush into bed together, so I know he isn't an 18-year-old kid that just has to have it at all times. We have more than enough sex, and we are happy."
  17. "He would not trade our family for a one night stand. We are very open with each other on everything. For him cheating would be completely out of character."
  18. "The same way I know he won't ever rob a bank, commit murder, rape a child, or abandon his children."
  19. "He is happy at home. He gets anything he wants."
  20. "I'm more than sure. I'm completely secure in our marriage, if I wasn't well then we wouldn't be together."
  21. "I didn't marry a disrespectful douchebag."
  22. "He is part woman. He grew up with a mostly absent father, a loving mother, three sisters, and a gay brother, so he understands firsthand how women think and feel. So I fully trust him that he would never cheat."
  23. "He doesn't care that much about sex normally. I have to start it."
  24. "I allow him to hook up with other guys on his own sometimes. He lets me hook up with other women on my own sometimes. We're both bisexual, we're both into some kinky things. Sexually, he's satisfied!"
  25. "His ex-wife cheated on him. He can't even watch a movie or hear a song with cheating in it without getting mad."

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What other reasons do women give for believing their man would never cheat?

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