Forget '50 Shades’ & Mommy Porn -- Now There’s Hot ‘Granny Porn’ for the Older Set

old coupleFifty Shades of Grey and so-called "mommy porn" is, like, soooo six months ago. The hottest thing this holiday season isn't a sadomasochist in his basement, it's a geriatric on the playground. Believe it or not, Hilary Boyd's novel Thursdays in the Park has topped the e-book charts now for four weeks, beating out the one and only Fifty Shades. Boyd's book is about 60-something grandparents finding love at the park they take their grandkids to, and it goes something like grandmother Jeanie falls in love with old man Ray, doesn't know what to do about her distant husband, and then, from what I can tell, she and Ray end up having some steamy sex by the swingsets.

Boyd's book is being called gran-lit, which, you know, gross.


Gran-lit sounds like some sort of Metamucil beverage that serves a constipation relief function. I'm all for the elderly going at it, but calling novels that feature the 60-plus set getting busy "gran-lit" is not going to do the cause any favors.

That said, it sounds like the book's doing just fine despite its hideous category name. Thursdays in the Park has a wild word-of-mouth rating and has been translated into multiple languages.

So! All you blue hairs out there! Or you yet to be blue hairs who think you're too old to read Fifty Shades! Sounds like this gran-lit book is right up your alley. As America's baby boomers settle into retirement, maybe this book can help them visualize a sexy-time life outside of playing bridge and yelling at the news, or whatever it is that retired people do.

Oh and hey -- rumor has it that acclaimed British actor Charles Dance is in talks to write, direct, and star in the movie version. Alexander Skarsgard, eat your heart out.

Interested in reading Thursdays in the Park?


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