The Sexual Bucket List for Parents: 50 Fun Things Mom & Dad Must Try

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The cool thing about kids is that they're direct evidence that you are not a virgin! OK, OK, I know there are other cool things about kids, but the reality is that these little things created from sex actually cramp your sexual style. They don't have to, though. Sex after baby can be just as hot as sex before. It's just different. Our sexual bucket list is good for everyone, but it seems we also need one specifically for those awesome first 10 years of parenthood.

With no further ado, here is the sexual bucket list for parents. Here are the 50 must-do sexual acts for parents. The sexual bucket list for moms and dads! See below:

1.) Sex in the car (cause you can't do it anywhere else!).

2.) Sex in the rain (because you'll get caught inside!).

3.) Trying to finish as the kids bang on the locked door.

4.) Drunk, after a Saturday date night.

5.) In the shower while you're supposed to be getting ready.

6.) Sex on a boat when you're finally alone.

7.) Afternoon delight (when the kids are at school).

8.) Quiet sex in the hotel room while the kids sleep.

9.) Sex during naptime.

10.) A quickie in the closet while the kids play together for five minutes.

11.) Sex in the locked bedroom while the kids watch a movie downstairs.

12.) A date night in a hotel. Bonus points for renting by the hour.

13.) In the bathtub.

14.) In the ocean on a family trip.

15.) On a rock in the backyard.

16.) In a tent.

17.) In the basement like teenagers.

18.) In the middle of the night.

19.) First thing in the morning before the kids wake up.

20.) Scheduled sex.

21.) Just make out. No sex at all.

22.) Have sex slowly.

23.) Have sex fast.

24.) Use a vibrator.

25.) Read erotica together.

26.) Let him show you his porn.

27.) Watch each other masturbate.

28.) Give a hand job with no expectation of return.

29.) Ask for him to go down on you and don't offer anything in return.

30.) Wash each other's hair.

31.) Hold hands during a movie.

32.) Go to a crappy movie and engage in oral in the back row.

33.) Spend all day kissing and making out, but don't have sex until the night.

34.) Wake him up with a blow job.

35.) Tear each other's underwear off.

36.) Experiment with ice.

37.) Experiment with peppermint oil.

38.) Take a couple's massage course.

39.) Cook dinner together. Naked.

40.) Trade underwear for a day.

41.) Skip underwear for a day and text each other.

42.) Send nude photos to his phone.

43.) Wear a bikini to bed.

44.) Wear nothing to bed.

45.) Suck each other's toes.

46.) Trade deepest fantasies. Do them.

47.) Eat leftover birthday cake. Off each other.

48.) Have sex on the swing set.

49.) Flirt. Hard.

50.) Make him/her a bubble bath with no expectation of sex.

sexual bucket list for parents