6 Fall Date Ideas That Will Heat Up a Chilly Night (PHOTOS)

Ericka Sóuter | Nov 9, 2012 Love & Sex

dateAutumn is such a romantic time of the year. The air is crisp and clean, and the changing leaves provide the perfect backdrop for a spectacular date night. With the holidays approaching, it's easy to get swept up in a long to-do list. With that inevitable stress, it's especially important to prioritize connecting with your significant other. 

The temperatures may have dropped but there are plenty of things you can do (either outside or indoors) to heat things up. Check out 5 fun date night ideas for fall:

What are your favorite romantic activities this time of the year?


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  • Flirty Fall Festival


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    Check out a fall festival or country fair -- preferably with a ferris wheel. Nothing more romantic than sweeping views of your town or city while cuddled up under the stars.

  • Create Your Own Film Festival


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    If you and your boo both love movies, why not line-up some DVDs of your favorites for a movie-thon. Pop the popcorn, open your favorite wine, and watch while snuggled under a blanket.

  • Go Apple Picking


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    It's the perfect season for apple picking. The is crisp, clean, and absolutely refreshing. Hold hands as you spend an afternoon at a local orchard loading up an fruit to make pies or cider for the whole family.

  • Romantic Bubble Bath


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    Nothing is as sexy and inviting as a hot bubble bath. If you are lucky enough to have a tube big enough for two, soak in the suds a deux while enjoying a cocktail or two. Just make sure the kids are asleep so that there are no annoying interruptions!

  • Play Games


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    Have a playful night at a place like Dave & Busters. Whoever scores the most points at skeeball gets whatever sexual favor they want!

  • Take a Dance Class


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    There's nothing sexier than salsa. Take a lesson together and show off your sensual moves. However, if you are rhythmically challenged, this could be a night for a lot of laughs too.

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