New 'Viagra for Women' Promises to Rev Up Your Boring Sex Life

It's about damn time, y'all! For years, men have had Viagra. Women have Fifty Shades of Grey. Or those gel lubricants. Not quite the same! But now a pharmaceutical company may have the answer to our sexually frustrated prayers. And, no, it's not Christian Grey in pill form. It's a testosterone nasal gel. A couple of sniffs and you're good to go. All ... night ... long. Let's hear more about this, shall we? Ohhhh yesss, we shall ...


A Canadian company has a new aphrodisiac for the ladies called Trefina that's administered with some of drops in the nose a couple of hours before sex. It's supposed to increase sexual desire, increase blood flow where you need it, and last up to six hours. Plus it's supposed to help you reach the Big O a lot faster and easier.

Alllll righty then. I'll take a case! Ahhh, unfortunately it's still in test trials. Boo. But those ladies in the trials must be having fun. Of course, someone had to Debbie Down all over this amazing invention. Researcher Fiona David reportedly told ONE News:

A lot of people have thought drumming up the idea of a female Viagra is just for pharmaceutical purposes, but in actual fact there is a huge need for women to have their sexual dysfunction addressed.

Sheesh, did anyone say men had to deal with their sexual dysfunction when Viagra hit the shelves? Ooohhh, so okay. Maybe there's a reason you don't want to have sex and you shouldn't just sweep that under the bedsheets with a pharmaceutically-induced orgasm. Whatevs. Men have been doing that for years.

And, yeah, so okay. Maybe we shouldn't be just like men and just want to have sex with whomever, whenever, just cause we gotta lotta testosterone racing around our blood stream. Maybe there's a reason we don't want to have sex that goes beyond being a little bored or stressed -- like maybe we need to deal with having been molested, or maybe we need to deal with the fact that we can't stand our husband. Whatever it is.

But a little sex can't hurt, right? We'll deal with that stuff later.

Would you use a sex nasal gel?


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