Men Want Average-Looking Women, Not Hot Babes -- Are You Buying This?

Okay, gals, stop dieting! Stop getting breast implants! And stop straightening your hair! First off, you are never going to look like Beyoncé, so just give it up. And secondly, men apparently don't want the chick who looks like Beyoncé. Oh, they might SAY they do. But they don't really. What they really want is the average-looking gal who has some personality. Sound fantastically ridiculous? Let's examine, shall we?


Dating expert Tracey Cox rounded up a bunch of studies and concludes that men don't really want the sexy babe with the bodacious bod. In fact, women like that make dudes feel insecure. What they really want is an average looking girl whom they have a "spark" with and who is "nice." Sound like a bunch of hogwash? Says one of Tracey's friends, who is dating a hottie:

I want someone to love me, not feel like every guy in the room is trying to take the person I love away from me.

Er, okay ... then why is he dating a girl who makes him feel like that? Date the average-looking girl and stop complaining. Tracey adds:

Turns out the things women believe make them more appealing to men -- good looks, youth, being super confident, intelligent, body perfect -- aren’t top of men’s wish list after all. Having an OK figure that’s curvy, looking 'nice,' appearing kind, listening, being trustworthy, laughing at his jokes, and letting him look after you -- these are the qualities men most frequently seek in long-term partners.

When you think about it, why wouldn't this be true? Sure, guys don't want to look at Lena Dunham on the cover of Maxim. But I see plenty of girls who look just like her all over the city, and they're holding hands with guys who appear perfectly happy. They couldn't all be faking. And wasn't it supermodel Bar Refaeli who said men never hit on her?

Like women, men probably don't want to date women who attract too much attention. Does anyone want to spend every minute of the day worrying about all of the other people after your partner? I think most of us, whether male or female, want someone who is loving, kind, and whose personality appeals to us over someone who looks like they could be on the cover of Playgirl or Playboy but who is deadly dull or stupid. Just watching which ones of my friends are super popular with the other sex, it's always the talkative, outgoing ones, not necessary the ones with the skinny jeans-worthy body and Vogue-worthy face.

So, ladies, next time you're lamenting the two pounds you put on or whether or not you should get a nose job, ask yourself, are you doing this to be more attractive to the opposite sex? If so, take a chill pill and be yourself.

Do you think men prefer "average" looking women?

Image via Alaskan Dude/Flickr

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