Election Results Sex Game: Get Naughty While You Wait

couple kissingThis election has been full of passion from the candidates and Obama and Romney supporters. And there's no reason we shouldn't turn that kind of passion into the other kind of passion. If you're going to watch the election returns coming in (of course you are) why not monitor the results with your lover and make a game of it -- a kinky game where even if your candidate loses, you will end up winning. You're going to need some sexual healing no matter what -- I think it's going to be a nail-biter/up all nighter kind of night. Nothing like some hot action to ease the tension.

Ready to play? Here's how to make the election results sexually beneficial.


Most reports say this election is going to be a close one. That bodes well for the sake of our little game here. But you still have a pick a side opposite of your partner. If you and your lover voted for different people, then you each already have your "game piece." If you didn't just think of it as choosing red or blue and remember even if you have the color opposite of what you really voted for, it doesn't change your official vote. So relax. You did your civic duty. It's out of your hands now. Let's put those hands to better use.

Make yourselves comfortable with some paper and pens in front of the TV. Each of you should write 26 sexual wishes on the paper, and fold them up. That's one for each state plus DC, and since it's an odd number there will be one extra, but I'm sure you can find use for the ones not used. Don't tell each other or discuss what these wishes are. Write one wish per piece of paper. Of course some of these states are sure bets for one candidate over another, but the person next to you on the couch is a sure thing, too, so that shouldn't stop you. None of these ideas should go to waste either. When finished with the game, save the suggestions for another night ... or tomorrow morning.

Sexual wish suggestion list:

  • Nibble my ear.
  • Massage my feet.
  • Kiss my neck.
  • Kiss me on the lips passionately.
  • Give me a back massage while we are both topless.
  • Do a striptease.
  • Whisper something very naughty in my ear.
  • Review these 50 sexy ideas for more inspiration.


Now wait for those returns to start coming in. If your guy wins a state, make your opponent choose from your papers and he or she has to act out your wish. Winner chooses duration of whatever that wish is but as soon as the next result rolls in, a new paper is chosen.

You can also start when the predictions start coming in (now) and recycle the papers. Depends on your stamina. It's going to be a long night, though.

Luckily in this game, both parties win. 

Will you be playing? Does sex help you de-stress?


Image via Ashley Harrigan/Flickr

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