5 Ways to Prevent That UTI You Got From Sex

Kristen Chase on toilet at BlogHerI've never had a bladder infection, save the time in college when I discovered orgasms and ended at the campus health center. That time, all I needed were some cranberry juice and beets to treat what probably was a minor irritation rather than a full-blown UTI.

But now thanks to marriage counseling, I've been having more sex than usual. So when I felt the burn and started getting the chills, I headed straight to the doctor. And lo and behold, I had a bad bladder infection, which probably could have been prevented had I heeded these five sex tips. 


1. Pee after sex. I thought everyone knew this rule -- heck, I actually know this rule -- but I got lazy and tired, which happens when you have kids. Don't fall into that trap. Just simply peeing after you have intercourse can really help prevent UTIs.

2. Check your condoms and lube. We're back on the condom wagon, which I think was part of the problem. And since I'm generally pretty sensitive to products on other parts of my body, I'm not surprised that I probably need to shop more carefully for contraception. Take a look at the ingredients and try to find hypoallergenic and natural condoms and lubes. Yes, they do exist.

3. Clean your hands. Since we tell our kids to wash their hands about 400 times a day, maybe we should heed our own advice. You might not feel like taking a breather to do a quick hand wash, but just think of the germs that might be on them and you'll probably change your mind.

4. No double dipping. I'm pretty sure the number one sex rule is that once you put something in one orifice, it cannot go into another orifice without being cleaned or covered in a new condom.

5. Watch (and wash) your mouth. While you're in the bathroom washing your hands, brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth are probably smart ideas as well, especially if your mouth (or your partner's) is headed down south. And as far as eating actual food off your partner's parts, just pass. That's why they make plates.

How do you avoid (or deal with) UTIs? Other than cranberry pills and sulphur tablets?


Image of Kristen Chase (me!) via Liz Gumbinner/Mom 101

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