The Secret to Getting Your Man to Talk Is Easier Than You Think

cuddlingHey laaaaaaaadies. Wanna get your man to talk? Science found the secret. Instead of holding your breath and putting your fingers in your ears until he asks you what's the matter (just me?) try cuddling. That's right -- researchers at the University of Michigan say snuggling up to your little love muffin is bound to lead to some good ole fashioned conversation. Scientists studied 500 couples and found that cuddle sessions lead to feelings of intimacy and and relaxation, which in turn leads to talkie talk talks.

But! If it's sex you're after, cuddling may not be your best friend.


The research found that only 1 out of 6 cuddle sessions leads to intercourse.

So, folks. If you're looking to get it on, don't necessarily think that snuggling up to your partner is going to help anything. If you want to initiate the sexy time, try, I don't know, anything but cuddling because, well, 1 in 6 ain't great odds, Einstein.

But if you're aiming to feel relaxed and closer to your partner, snuggle up as much as possible. Just an FYI, the average length of a cuddle session was found to be 47 minutes, which, coincidentally, is about the length of an hour long drama. As it turns out, most couples get their quality cuddles in while on the couch, watching TV, and do it eight times a week.

I'm not sure who has the time to cuddle for over 6 hours a week, but it certainly doesn't sound like a bad way to while away the minutes.

Remember -- next time you're in the mood to talk, just burrow into the seat on the couch next to your partner and watch the relaxation conversation happen. And if you're in the mood to get a little more frisky, remember that cuddling isn't your best option. 

And hey, if you're looking for tips on how to get it on, I'm sure this little kit could help. Wink face!

Do you like to cuddle?


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