8 Simple Ways to Make It Through a Bad Date

Bad dates are like acne – we've all been through them, we've all managed to get past them, and they sometimes leave us a little scarred.

Like the guy I met out for pizza who spent the entire meal arranging and rearranging the silverware while he blathered on about some "online gaming guild," in which he, apparently, had quite the presence. I lost myself in staring at other customers and willing my phone to ring to get me the heck out of there before I went into a coma.

But when you're stuck in the middle of a bad date, how do you handle it? Do you retreat? Do you stay? Do you go?

Here are some tips on how to handle a bad date.


1) Before jumping to major conclusions about the guy, the date, his outfit, his choice of restaurant, be a little open-minded. First impressions are something, but they are, by no means, everything.

2) Be laid-back about it – it's a couple of crappy hours spent with someone you're not into. Doesn't mean you can't find some common ground or something in common. Enjoy it, count down the minutes until it's over, and never go out with him again.

3) Unless he's being a total jerk and rude to everyone within 20 miles of your date, be kind. There's no reason to get huffy or be rude to the guy. He may be giving you what he's got, and you can give him some experience. It's like a job interview – he'll get better over time.

4) If he IS a jerk and rude to you and everyone around you, get out of there. Move so fast you make his head spin. And be sure, on your way out the door, to stop and tell him why you're leaving WITHOUT making a scene.

5) If you're the one who's screwing up the whole thing, ask him if you guys can start over, do a take two. That will showcase that you're human and that you can acknowledge your faults – guys dig that. And if it doesn't work, hey, you tried.

6) If your collective date is one botched moment after another, find the humor in it. If you can do it together, all the better. That can make some hilarious bonding experiences and lead to a great relationship.

7) Don't do the whole "yeah, let's do this again," thing unless you actually mean it. If you don't mean it, be honest. It might suck – but wouldn't you rather know the truth before you sit around, expecting him to call? Have the same respect for him.

8) Whatever you do, don't blame the bad date on you. It takes two to have a bad date – not one. And if it doesn't work out? It's not JUST your fault, so don't you dare sit around feeling like crap about it.

How do YOU handle bad dates? Any advice?

Image via bdwayDiva1/Flickr

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