5 Signs He Thinks You Are the Love of His Life

Ericka Sóuter | Oct 29, 2012 Love & Sex
5 Signs He Thinks You Are the Love of His Life

coupleA lot of women out there think the only surefire way to know if a guy is ready to commit is if he is shopping for a ring.

But figuring out how he truly feels about you is not always about the bling or any other big ticket item. Our men are often more sensitive than we give them credit for. There are plenty of sweet and genuine gestures we often overlook. So we have uncovered the 5 signs he is madly in love with you.


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  • He serenades you in public


    The humiliation risk is high, especially if your man isn't Justin Timberlake. But the fact that he's willing to subject himself to merciless ridicule shows just how much he loves you.

  • He wants to buy a puppy together


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    Nothing says "I am in this for the long haul" more than adopting a dog together. If he brings home a pooch, that means he isn't planning his exit anytime soon.

  • He takes you to places that mean a lot


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    Sharing places with special significance means he really wants you to know the real him. It could be his hometown, a childhood treehouse, or college dorm. The bottom line is that he wants to meld his past with his present (aka you).

  • He wants to spend time with your family


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    Most guys dread hanging out with a girlfriend's family. But if a man plans to spend the rest of his life with you, he knows that means quality time with your mom, brothers, and gran-gran too. It shows just how committed to your life he really is.

  • He takes care of you when you are sick


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    Nurturing isn't in most guys' DNA. So when he feels the urge to give you lots of TLC when you are stricken with the flu, that says something. A man in love wants to take care of his woman, snotty tissues and all.

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