7 Reasons Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy May Have Called It Quits

Taylor Swift

Is it me or is Taylor Swift becoming the younger version of a pre-Justin Theroux Jennifer Aniston? A gal who just can't seem to hang on to a man? Yeah, that was totally sexist to say. I mean, no one ever says that George Clooney "can't hang on to a woman" though none of his relationships last very long. But my point is this: Taylor Swift can't seem to hang on to a man. So sue me. The latest news is that Tays and her teen boyfriend since this summer, Conor Kennedy, have called it quits. A "close friend" of the singer tells US Weekly that the pair split because of Taylor's Red album promo schedule, and that there are no hard feelings. I'm sure we'll hear a song about it anyway!

Here are 7 reasons Taylor and Conor may have broken up.


All those songs. Taylor has written breakup songs about pretty much every single dude she's ever dated, including Joe Jonas, John Mayer, and Jake Gyllenhaal. I have blogger friends who can't get a date because guys are worried about being written about, so you can only imagine what guys might be thinking when they hear Taylor crooning about never, ever, ever getting back together. And all those other songs. And those others.

Ethel Kennedy. Taylor was reportedly so in awe of Conor's grandmother, Ethel, that she asked her permission before dating Conor. Creepy.

Wardrobe. Soon after beginning to date Conor, Taylor began dressing like a Kennedy -- lots of long skirts, puffy blouses, and even oversized Jackie O-ish sunglasses. All that was missing was the pill box hat. Maybe all men really want to marry their mothers -- but probably not at 18.

House. Conor and Taylor had practically just met when Taylor bought a house near the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Cape Cod. There's just something about buying a house next door to the guy you just started dating that screams moving too fast. Guessing this might be on the market soon at a discount, Cape fans!

Kidnapping. Taylor denies this rumor that she kidnapped Conor away from prep school and bundled him onto her private plane for a trip against his will. But I think we all now know it's true. Ha. I keed. Sorta.

Crashing weddings. Taylor also denied this rumor that she "crashed" a Kennedy cousin wedding and wouldn't leave even after she was asked to. But she doesn't deny she was there. So what does that tell you, huh, huh?

Hard and fast. Taylor says she falls in love "hard" and "really fast." She obviously never read The Rules.

So the Taylor camp can blame this one on her incredibly busy schedule if they want to. But I think we all know what really happened. Taylor went all Single White Kennedy on Conor!

Do you think Taylor moved too fast?

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