Porn for Parents: 4 R-rated Books & Movies That Will Heat Up Your Sex Life

Magic Mike DVD I'm the first one to tell people that I think pornography can be great for married couples, so long as there's no addiction involved. And I certainly don't think that parents need a special kind of porn.

But if you're uncomfortable with even soft pornography or you want to be sure your kids don't accidentally pop in a DVD or search your computer history, here are four sexy books and movies that will work just as well to get your motors running.


1. Magic Mike. If you missed Magic Mike and all those hot abs and butts in the theaters, you can now grab the DVD or rent (or purchase) the movie on iTunes. Just be aware that I've already got dibs on Joe Manganiello.

2. Fifty Shades of Grey. As much as I think E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is poorly-written erotica, you will find plenty of juicy parts that might be exactly what you need to turn you on. My advice: skip all the other dribble and jump to the best parts.

3. The Twilight Series. Who would have thought a teen cult favorite like Twilight would be so darn sexy? But wow, you can cut the sexual tension between Edward and Bella with a knife, which makes this a perfect choice for a little pre-coitus inspiration. And let's just say I'm Team Edward all the way.

4. The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. I've yet to actually read Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, but everyone I know who has read it cannot stop talking about how sexy it is. And unlike Fifty Shades, it's actually got a decent storyline and excellent writing.

So what's your favorite sexy R-Rated movie or book?


Image via Claudette Barius/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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