Having Sex When Having Your Period: Hot or Not?

Sex while on your periodIf you had asked me a few years ago what I thought about having sex when you have your period, I probably would have rolled my eyes and said, "GROSS!"

But a couple more kids later, I totally understand why people do it.

And I'm not ashamed to admit that I actually kind of like it.


Now to be clear, I'm not jumping into the sack on the first day of my period, which looks like a bad Midol commercial. But by the time I hit Day 2 or 3, my cycle has already thinned out significantly, so really, the aftermath looks pretty much like a regular post-sex session and not like a vampire was let loose in our bedroom.

Also, I'm finally out of the horrible two-week period between ovulation and menstruation that makes me a raging lunatic, not to mention a bloated mess. And I know I'm not the only mom who suffers like this. So when that nightmare is over, I can fit back into my clothes and I feel like myself, my regular horny self.

And to be perfectly honest, since my husband is still waffling over the whole decision about whether or not to have a vasectomy, unprotected sex at any other time of the month is completely off limits, so it's nice to be a little more spontaneous rather than have to schedule sex.

Sure, while there might be a bit of an "ick" factor, we just put down a towel and turn off the lights. Plus, it gives us an excuse to jump in the shower together afterwards. Double score.

So what do you think about sex while on your period: hot or not?


Image via ecastro/Flickr

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