7 Ways Women Kill Their Chances for a Second Date

candlit tableEver been on what you thought was a fantastic first date, then never get a call for a second? It's an all too familiar story for many women. Everything seems to be going perfectly. He looks great. You look hot. You laugh at his jokes. He seems to be  engrossed in your stories about your cat. You are both really into each other -- or so you had hoped. You may not even realized it, but there were things you did to freak him out and scare him off. You just have no idea where you went wrong. Well, no need to try guessing. WhatsYourPrice.com, a website where you bid for dates with smart, successful,  good looking singles, conducted a poll of 2,000 singles which revealed the 7 worst dating mistakes women commonly make.

  1. The ex factor Talking about an old boyfriend is never a good idea. You either sound bitter or like you are pining over the one that got away. Never the less, 79% of women still do it.  
  2. Playing not so hard to get About 65% of us make things way too easy. You may hate playing coy, but the love of the hunt is in their nature. If there is no challenge, a guy can get bored and move on.
  3. Failing to toot your own horn Most women (51%) don't boast about their lives or accomplishments. Guys like a confident catch. Let him know he's the lucky one. Don't think of it as bragging. 
  4. Oversharer Some singles (48%) can't keep their mouths shut. Save something for date number two, please. He doesn't need to know you are double jointed and obsessed with Hello Kitty on the first date. He should want to know more at the end of the night, not be scared away.
  5. The great pretender The WhatsYourPrice.com poll found that 44% pretend to want what their date wants. For example, if he says he is not looking for anything serious, you say you are on the same page, even though you are already planning your wedding in your mind. Don't settle. Find the guy who has the same eventual goals.
  6. Sex talk too soon Being straightforward is one thing, but 43% of women immediately offer up the fact that they don't sleep with a guy on the first date. Not appropriate chit-chat over the salads. Men think this is a major turn-off and it can make you seem uptight. Just don't invite him in at the end of the night. That's clear enough. 
  7. Focused on your future -- TOGETHER! You can ask about his goals and values, but 13% of women are too quick with the marriage and kids talk. The survey said that scares away 53% of men.

Very helpful tips, right?

What are other ways women ruin a first date?


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