He's Sending You Mixed Signals -- Here's What to Do About It

So you've met someone who MIGHT just be that special someone ... or maybe he's not. You don't know because all you're getting is mixed signals -- he's hot and cold with you and you barely know how to handle it because GAH! It's so frustrating! You're starting to feel like you're going nuts! What is going on?

What are some of the signs that he's the one sending mixed signals to you? How do you know if you're not just going nuts? Let's explore some of the ways you can tell he's giving off major mixed signals -- and how to handle it.


1) We're "just friends." He remains steadfast in his desire to be "just friends" and is happy to reaffirm that over and over again, managing to sneak it into every single conversation you have ... until he kisses you good night.

Solution: Maybe he's taking it slow with you -- bring that up to him the next time he reminds you that you're friends without benefits.

2) We're exclusive, except in public. Behind closed doors, your guy is all about being MORE than friends; he's all about being your only guy. Except that every time you go out? He calls you his "friend."

Solution: Maybe he's just not keen on that word and the explanations it brings. Bring it up to him if it bugs you, but don't be too hard on your guy right away.

3) He's into you? To hear him talk to you, you'd think you had the best relationship EVER -- he can't stop singing your praises. The problem comes when you're trying to be intimate: he's not even ready to kiss you on the lips.

Solution: He's possibly afraid of rejection and worried you'll push him away if he makes a move. Try some subtle hinting that you're digging him and would like to take it further ...

4) Number thief. You guys met one night at the bar, or at the coffee shop, or getting breakfast, and you totally hit it off. You're pretty sure this will go somewhere because he asked for your number! Too bad that no matter how much you conjure up the image of your phone ringing, he never does call.

Solution: Asking for your number isn't a promise that you'll get married or that he'll even call you. It hurts, but it's better to know now, right?

5) Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. You know what I'm talking about -- you guys have a wonderful night in bed, and before the bed is done creaking, he's outta there, begging off with one excuse or another. What happened?

Solution: Maybe he doesn't know where you stand -- you hooked up and now what? It's hard to know what he's thinking, which is why you should ask him gently about it.

What are some other mixed signals you've seen?


Image via Phille Casablanca/Flickr

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