Gift Idea Site for Our Clueless Men Could End His Bad Present Habit (We Hope)

giftWoman have a lot of complaints about the men in their lives. He doesn't help around the house ... He snores ... He watches too much football! But the one gripe that really gets under our skin?  He gives the worst gifts.

So many guys get it wrong. I know it's supposed to be the thought that counts -- and that certainly saved him the first two or three anniversaries. But come on! After 5, 10, or 15 years together, shouldn't your man realize that his Peta-obsessed wife wouldn't want leather pants. Or that getting you a waffle iron won't actually inspire a woman who hates to cook, to cook.

But wait, there's finally help for the hopelessly clueless gift-giver in your life!


It's like, "Doesn't he know me by now!" It's hard not to get upset about it, especially after you've spent months planning and picking out the perfect present for him. It's annoying, infuriating, and a little hurtful, to be honest. Some of us take it as a sign that he just doesn't care enough to put any thought into it. To be fair, that's probably a bit overly dramatic.

Guys aren't wired to pick out great gifts. It's just not in their DNA. But there is a new tool to keep your man out of the doghouse. is a site that helps pick out presents. Basically, it takes the guesswork out of gift giving. You log in, give a few details and Viola -- an awesome gift suggestion. I wish my husband had known about this the year he gave me a rabbit fur bolero jacket with gold accents. 

I know some women will still grouse about the fact the he needs help getting something. But give me a break. Who cares if they didn't come up with it on their own.  At least it’s something you actually might not hate. The site gets pretty specific -- asking about the giftee's style, what she likes to do in her free time, and what kind of home she would want to live in. Though, there is still room for error. I tried it out (pretending to be my husband searching for a gift for me). While I would love the suggested gold bangle or cashmere stole, I would hate the gardening tool set.

I'll stick to giving my man a list. Weeks before my birthday or Mother's Day, I write down four or five things  -- any of which I would be overjoyed to open. His choice. It takes the guesswork and anxiety out of the process for him and I still get to be surprised.

Do you want your husband to use or should he keep trying to figure out gifts on his own?


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