A Real Friend Would Tell You If Your Man Was Cheating

broken heartHave you ever had a friend who was cheated on by their partner? In today's world, it unfortunately happens more often than we'd like to think. It can be hard on everyone who knows the couple.  If you take a side, you're screwed, if you don't take a side, you're screwed. But what if your friend doesn't know her man is stepping out on her? Most people would rather not get involved.  No one wants to share the news that will totally break a friend's heart.

Well, almost no one. I have a confession to make. My name is Kylie (yes, I swear that is my real name) and I am here to tell you that I told a friend she was being cheated on. It was the most uncomfortable, awkward, and sad situation I've probably ever been part of. But if given the chance, I would have told her all over again. Here's why ...


I had known that my friend was being cheated on for some time before I told her. Just the sheer fact that I knew made me feel like a dishonest, disloyal, bad friend. Every time I saw her, talked to her, and thought about her, the guilt rose up in my throat and practically screamed its way out. And every time I saw her cheating, scummy partner -- oh, forget it. I wanted to scream at him, shake him, ask him how he could hurt someone who did nothing but love, adore, and respect him. Then it dawned on me: Hiding the details from her made me no better than him. Her deceitful boyfriend spent his time sneaking off and lying, and here I was dodging questions and avoiding the awkward conversations. If he was the cheating boyfriend, I was the cheating friend.

So I gave into the urge to tell her and boy, it was difficult. You don't ever want to hurt the people you care about. You want to save them, protect them, give them flowers and daisies in place of heartache and pain. But I gave detail after detail of what I knew to be true and what I had seen. It sucked. And all the while I was telling her, I could just imagine how embarrassed and humiliated she must have been. More than anything, that was the hardest to take; hearing how mortified she was that everyone knew and she didn't. Which is when I knew that if the shoe was on the other foot, I hope that someone would have the gall to tell me what was going on.

Now, to some of you, I've probably just admitted to one of the most heinous friend-crimes ever, but I know there exists a small, small few who'd do the same.

Would you be able to tell a friend that his/her partner was cheating?


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